Online Chronic Care Community 2.0:

Goal : Innovate Past Practices for Better Healthcare Experience

Streamline and virtualize tedious chronic care
Innovative mobile health platform ( aka telemedicine or telehealth) on behalf of end-users, practitioners, pharmaceutical companies, and insurances
On-demand service access using your own devices: smart phones, tablets, desktops, display terminals,...etc
Advanced image process and analysis - practitioners make critical decisions in real-time basis
Innovative wound image process and analysis: reduce human errors and improve treatment efficiency
Secure encryption technology ensures information integrity
Location-based emergency service support
Real-time healthcare data analytics
On-demand intelligent suggestions for decision makers
Help to collaborate with other healthcare members anytime & anywhere
Makes report documentation easy
Improve treatment quality and efficiency - Doctors have more time on patients
Seamlessly Integrate with pharmaceutical channels for peace-of-mind supply management
Streamline with currently deployed healthcare platforms
Welcome more practitioners, medical groups, nursing care facilities, insurance, pharmaceuticals joining us and bring your service to next level
Well deployed in diabetes, plastic surgeries, wounds management clinical applications