AI-enabled Preventive Care Telehealth Solution

Empower chronic wound management with advanced Artificial Intelligence(AI), data analytics, and mobile technologies
Streamline care process with proactive insights at your fingertips
Complimentary solution with your EHR - physicians and nurses will assess patient's wounds anytime anywhere
Easy reimbursement process with evidence-based and infographic reports - saves +1 hour in paperwork per patient visit, gets payments promptly and properly
World-leading automated wound scan and photo analysis - reduces human errors, reduces chances of contaminations, improves accuracy, and saves practitioners valueable time
Secure services access using users' own devices on the go - convenient and lower professional liability insurance costs
Intuitive user experience of chronic care - quantitizes progress with user friendly reports
Real-time teamwork & coordinations with comprehensive patient's information at fingertips- physicians make timely decisions and lower practice expenses
Intelligent health data "self-learning" scheme - better clinical & financial outcomes while your patients database grows
Improves communications between patients, practitioners, pharmas and insurance partners
Improves quality of care and patient engagement - Physicians have more time with each patient
Seamless integrations with medical medications and products
Inviting more patients, pratitioners, HHAs, SNFs, Hospice to be part of iHealth Care Clouds community & benefit in quality of care, profits, patient engagements, and readmission reductions
Incentive reward programs available to get you started and grow your practices. Contact us and sign up now!

iHealth Care Clouds

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Auto Wound Scan and Analysis

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Location-Based Service(LBS)

Emergency Alliance and Support

Location- and Preference- oriented MD Referral

Locate Nearest Medical Care Facilities

Patients’ EHR

User-Friendly Wounds Photos Gallery

Real-time Wounds Assessment

Complimentary with Already-deployed EHR

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Advanced Wound Care Products and Solutions

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